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Ernest Magazine - Issue 7

Ernest Magazine - Issue 7


  • Ernest Magazine - Issue 7 - Alfies Studio
  • Ernest Magazine - Issue 7 - Alfies Studio

Ernest Magazine - Issue 7


This is unquestionably Nicole's favourite magazine. From Issue One, she has always found them to be full of interest and the mix of short and long articles is great to fit into whatever time you have available.

For issue 7, Ernest has promised a slightly new format, with longer reads, some essays and a bigger 'destination' section. There's some fancy shiny paper stock in the middle too! Its still the same handy size though. A perfect read whether travelling, relaxing in the bath or just sitting down.


Ernest - Issue 7
160 pages
FSC approved uncoated 140gsm and silk 170gsm paper
Publisher: Uncharted Press Ltd.
Bi-Annual Issue
Ad Free

About the Issue:

Inventory I
A treasury of artefacts, specimens and curious tales including the immortal jellyfish, subterranean mail trains, disappearing sounds, cryptic messages, ghost net goods and techniques for cooking with shed tools.

Mapping Antarctic women
In a bid to celebrate the vital roles women have played in shaping our knowledge of the Antarctic, humanitarian writer and researcher Carol Devine is re-mapping the frozen continent, shining a light on female place names and sharing their little-known stories.

Bread making in space
A team of engineers, scientists and food researchers is striving to bring the simple pleasures of (crumb-free) bread to homesick astronauts.

The Kearton Brothers
Meet the Victorian duo who developed the photographic hide through a series of absurd devices.

Route 500
Journey with photographer Sarah Mason as she finds a tonic for her anxiety in the wild landscapes of Scotland’s north coast.

The evolution of sea charts
Today we rely on GPS devices to navigate, but it wasn’t so long ago that nautical charts told of coastal topography, off-lying islets and even mythical islands – and of course, guided us safely through the high seas. C.C. O'Hanlon navigates the history of nautical cartography, from tactile maps to medieval charts.

Prince Philip: volcano god
Travel to the Melanesian island of Tanna where residents worship Prince Philip as a 'garden god'.

Inventory II
A smörgåsbord of photography, apparel and wild food, including a journal of winterscapes, the etymology of wetlands, swimwear made from waste, how to make jerky, a tent hammock and how to create a mountain cyanotype.

About Ernest:

Ernest is a blog and biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk.

It is a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends.

It is a periodical of substance created for folk who love to build fires, embark on road trips, camp under a canopy of stars and run full pelt into the sea. Ernest appeals to those of us who appreciate a craft gin cocktail as much as a hearty one-pot supper, who love the grain of wood and the smell of paper, who’d like to learn how to fly fish, brew beer in their shed and name all the constellations of the northern hemisphere. It is for people who like to whittle.

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Alfies StudioErnest Magazine - Issue 7