We're off to France! Alfie's Studio will be closed from the 23rd August to 1st September.
You can still place orders online but should note that they won't be be shipped until we return.
On our return we'll be paying the site some much needed attention and making some changes throughout September,
there are some exciting things planned so do check back.

Enjoy the swansong of summer!


Got questions?

Have a look at the FAQ's section to see if they are answered there.
Still got questions? Fill the form out and we'll reply as soon as we can.

For more specific enquiries please use one of the following subject lines to add a bit of excitement to our inbox:

Want to hire Alfie's Studio for custom work? - HIRE
Want to work together on something? - COLLABORATE
Thinking about stocking Alfie's Studio paper goods? - STOCKIST
Plant woes or advice - PLANT WOES
Want to make an appointment - APPOINTMENT
Anything else - go on, surprise me...

If you aren't completely happy with something you've bought or you've changed your mind about an order we're sorry to hear that.

We want to make things better, please tell us how we can help. Please use CANCELLATION or RETURN in the subject line.

Please Note : logistically and because we can't guarantee how a plant has been treated after it has left our care we don't usually accept returns on them. Please contact us if you have plant troubles.

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