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We are ensconced in a valley between the northernmost Peak District and the south Pennines, a place of awe inspiring landscape and some truly epic weather. The surroundings serve up a daily reminder of how magnificent our planet is and to make considered choices to (in the words of Vivienne Westwood) buy less, choose well and make it last.

This ethos serves as one of our guiding principles for the design work we do, the choice of objects we source and the plants we procure to help you green up your surroundings. The latter two are passion projects that fuel doing our very best work with a full heart, wide open mind and happy soul.

We are one half design background with over a decade of caring about the little details and other half environmentalist with over 15 years experience of looking at the bigger picture. We are Nicole and Alan and we are the custodians of Alfie’s Studio.

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms"
- Muriel Rukeyser

It is our belief that stories and the experiences that create them, are the gold at the end of a rainbow.

When our working week is done and the wanderlust takes hold, comes the time for creating our own stories with our littles. Whether they feature picnics on rugged beaches with our favourite picnic rug and enamelware, or reading our best books in a blanket fort hiding from a blustery day at home, they are good times.

Small items and good design can amplify the ordinary to the magnificent, put magic in the mundane and elevate the everyday. We are here to help you find a deep sense of joy in simple things that don't cost the earth.

To be kept up to date on stories, findings and the latest goings on at Alfie's Studio, you can sign up to FIELD NOTES - our aptly named newsletter here.

Things we care about...

Considered Consumerism

By this we mean buy less, choose well and make it last (good advice from Vivienne Westwood). A mantra we often apply to our own shopping habits. We learnt a while ago - if you buy cheap, you usually end up buying twice.

We like items that stand the test of time and carry a story well. We believe that sometimes, little luxuries are worth investing in, their ability to put magic in the mundane makes your life a happier place to be. A simple meal of bread and cheese becomes a feast with the grandeur of being served on an oak board and the sun sparkling through a faceted glass.

Supporting UK Makers

We work with people like us. We do our best to fill our shorp with items sourced directly from UK based makers who care deeply about their craft. Talented and passionate bunch they are too.

Fair pricing for all
We work hard with our makers to create items that are reasonably priced for you and fairly paying for them.

Any time we can. It is a great way to learn, to educate, to understand, to empathise, to make mistakes, to do things better, to make good things.

The earth

Sourcing responsibly and ethically. Understanding the measure of our choices. Doing the right thing, not the cheapest thing because quite often, the cheapest thing ends up costing the earth.


If we don't know something, we make it our mission to find out. We are learning continuously and passing on that knowledge is important to us.

The environment is a big deal to us.

We will always consider our actions and how they affect the world around us and the bigger environmental picture. We are acutely aware that we are living in a time when attention needs to be paid and action needs to be taken, on a local level as well as globally. We strive to do our bit and to help you understand how you can do yours too.
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